Two main parts of the garage door opener

by Elena

You should be aware of two basic components of your garage door opener if you have a garage door or going to buy one. You should be aware of the different parts of the system and their working principles. Doing this will help you in noticing the minor faults which can result in making big problems. GAC and motor are also the components of the garage door but springs and rollers should be inspected regularly. The two main components and the working of dbci door parts are given below.


Two different types of springs are used in garage doors. These are extension and torsion springs.

· Extension spring

Extension springs are the old type of springs that were used in garage doors previously. You can find these springs in older garage doors. They are attached in a parallel way to the track’s end. These springs can cause harm and are dangerous when they break. It can be dangerous for you if you are in the garage and can also cause damage to your car and your belongings in the garage or garage itself. If your garage door has extension springs then you should go for the option of a torsion spring as soon as possible. These garage door springs should never be handled by an inexperienced person as they can be extremely dangerous for your body parts and can dismember the body. You should immediately contact a professional if your spring is in bad condition. For instance, if it is showing signs of aging, warping, or rusting.

· Torsion spring

These springs are normally located above the garage door and are attached perpendicularly to tracks. These are safer springs, nowadays common, and can be seen on the new garage doors around your society or town. Apart from safety, they have a longer lifetime.


Rollers and tracks mostly cause problems in garage doors. These two components make sure that the door alignment is straight or not while ascending or descending. As they face the stain constantly that is why they are more prone to damage and are vulnerable to wear. You should keep the garage door closed if you are inspecting it. Then you can check the condition of the rollers as they can show signs of flat sides or crack.

Also, make sure to check the track. If the joints are looking uneven or there is a gap in between them then it is essential to repair them. As everyone who has a splendid house must have a work routine in his daily life and the late opening of the door can waste his time. And the problem with rollers can even prevent you from closing or opening the garage door. Sometimes rollers due to low maintenance cause the door to open extremely slow. You should inspect carefully these things and also you should check for dents and bumps over the track by running your fingers on the track. If there are any dents or bumps then you should contact a garage door specialist and go for the option of track replacement.

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